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Ankle Sprains


Understanding Ankle Sprains

The ankles are a particularly vulnerable area of the body; they are susceptible to a number of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. More specifically, it is common to experience a sprain  in the ankle. A sprain is diagnosed as the cause of symptoms when there has been any type of injury to the ligament of the joint.

Ankle sprains are graded on a system based on the severity of injury. For example, Grade 1 and 2 ankle sprains can often be treated with physical therapy and chiropractic care while Grade 3 ankle sprains may require surgery.

The ankle joint is made up of three major bones which are held together with tendons and ligaments. While the ligaments attach the bones to each other, the tendons attach the muscles to the bones and allow movement in the ankle.

An abnormal stretching force may cause a sprain. Usually, an ankle sprain occurs when there is injury to the ligament that connects the fibula—the front part of the ankle—to the talus bone (the outside area of the ankle). This ligament is known as the anterior talo-fibular ligament.

In many cases, the foot turns inward or inverted, thereby producing the injury. This may occur when incorrectly placing the foot when standing up or when running or walking. Incorrectly stepping onto an uneven surface or twisting the ankle during a fall may also cause an ankle sprain. This injury often occurs while participating in sports activities.

When an ankle sprain has occurred, there are a number of telling symptoms, including throbbing pain in the joint. Swelling—causing by increased fluid in the tissues—may also occur. Redness and warmth may be caused by increased circulation to the area.


Chiropractors for Ankle Sprains

It is important to respond to symptoms as soon as possible. Neglecting to do so may result in chronic instability in the ankle joint as well as chronic pain.

Sea Girt Spine and Rehabilitation provides both physical therapy and chiropractic care to treat ankle sprains. Acupuncture may also be used to address pain, speed healing, and increase circulation (ligaments tend to heal more slowly because of poor blood supply).

Typically, treatment for ankle sprains begins with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE). Physical therapy is used to promote healing and movement while reducing pain.

In addition to range-of-motion exercises, adjustment to the ankle joint may be used to promote the motion of the joint and to speed up the healing process. Because Sea Girt Spine and Rehabilitation provides Chiropractors for ankle sprains as well as physical therapy and acupuncture, patients can find every type of care they require in one location; it is no longer necessary to visit multiple offices for comprehensive, non-surgical rehabilitation for ankle sprains.

Contact our office if you are in search of treatment of an ankle sprain. Our Jersey Shore rehabilitation office is located conveniently on route 71 for easy access for patients in search of chiropractors for Manasquan, Point Pleasant, Wall, and Brick, NJ.