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Multiple Sclerosis

We know that Multiple Sclerosis is a disease affecting the brain and the spinal cord (the central nervous system). Chiropractors  are specialists who seek out and correct structural issues which may be negatively affecting the central nervous system, such as a misalignment of the spine. For those living with Multiple Sclerosis in Point Pleasant, Brick, Manasquan, or Wall, NJ, our Jersey Shore chiropractors can help.

As anyone with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) knows, treatment for this life-altering and often disabling condition usually involves a number of very powerful drugs—drugs which often cause unwanted and damaging side effects. It’s important to recognize the inherent nature of MS, which wreaks havoc on the body’s nervous system and can destroy the sufferer’s quality of life. It’s essential that MS patients find ways to treat their illness without causing further destruction to the body.

Multiple Sclerosis patients may experience symptoms in any area of the body because nerve damage may occur in any part of the spinal cord or brain. Sufferers generally experience episodes of symptoms that last anywhere from a few days to weeks or even months. Between such episodes, many MS patients then undergo a remission or reduction in symptoms. For some, this disease may progressively worsen without remission.

Common symptoms include issues with the body’s muscles, which may lead to immobility and difficulty walking, moving, coordinating movements, or balancing. Other symptoms include bowel/bladder problems, vision issues, numbness and/or tingling, decreased attention span, dizziness, depression, and fatigue.

Many patients with MS choose to reduce and/or eliminate the use of innately harmful medications by seeking ways to alleviate these neurological symptoms through drug-free treatments, including chiropractic. Chiropractic offers MS patients an effective, relevant, and healthy treatment option. Because our Jersey Shore chiropractors work without drugs, treatment can begin even before a formal diagnosis is made. This is an important distinction because it is often a long, difficult process to obtain a diagnosis for Multiple Sclerosis.


Understanding Chiropractic for Multiple Sclerosis

Studies have shown a direct correlation between issues within the upper neck spine (the cervical spine) and Multiple Sclerosis. It is generally understood that head and neck injuries are a contributing factor in the onset of this condition. Often, those who have experienced whiplash, a concussion, a blow to the head, or sports injury sustain damage in the cervical spine. In some cases, the injury is ignored or forgotten until years later, when symptoms of an unhealthy central nervous system appear in the form of MS or some other illness.

A recent study showed that chiropractic care for MS and Parkinson’s patients with neck injuries proved successful in reversing the progression of both conditions. In this study, 91% of MS patients had improvement after chiropractic treatment for their neck injury. This is not a surprising result—when the bones of the spine (the vertebrae) become misaligned, they interfere with the normal functioning of the central nervous system. In particular, misalignments in the cervical spine may obstruct the nerve pathways traveling between the spinal cord and the brain, resulting in the compromised ability of the body and brain to communicate.