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Vision Problems

It is a common occurrence for chiropractic patients to experience vision improvements after adjustment. In many cases, this occurs when patients use chiropractic care for an apparently unrelated health issue.

The simple explanation for this phenomenon is that neck pain, back pain, and other symptoms commonly treated with chiropractic are often caused by the same issues that lead to vision problems.


Improving Sight through Chiropractic Care on the Jersey Shore: How it Works 

Vision is coordinated by the nervous system, which is responsible for every function of the body. The optic nerve supplies input to the brain and is a part of the central nervous system. When there is disruption of any kind in the nervous system, the communication between the brain and the optic nerve will be negatively affected.

Disruption in the nervous system is caused by spinal misalignments. Chiropractic care finds these misalignments and corrects them in order to address dysfunction within the nervous system and restore normal vision.

Additionally, the supply of blood to the eye is closely related to the proper positioning and health of the neck (the cervical spine). The vertebral artery—which supplies blood to the optic nerve—is found in close proximity to the cervical spine.


A Case Study in Chiropractic for Vision Problems

In one case, a nine-year-old girl was experiencing bilateral concentric narrowing of the visual fields. Her vision was restored to normal after chiropractic adjustment, and remained that way until she experienced a sudden trauma to the head. At this point, her vision problems returned. She was again treated with chiropractic and her vision was restored once more.*

The connection between chiropractic care and the patient’s restored vision is clear. Similarly, it’s sensible to intuit that issues within the cervical spine were to blame in both cases of vision dysfunction. The second time these were experienced, her trauma was obvious: an injury to the head. The first occurrence of trauma to the cervical spine is unknown, although logically it is clear that problems in that area were the originating cause of vision problems.

In many cases, children suffer from health issues of unknown origin until it is discovered that there is some disorder in the spine. For some, the trauma of childbirth presents a number of ways that a child’s spine could get started on the wrong proverbial foot.